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The Listening Inn Wing Shooting Preserve

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Wing Shooting at The Listening Inn

We welcome you to explore the Newest Wing Shooting Preserve in the UP of Michigan. The Listening Inn Preserve offers unique natural and challenging cover for Pheasants and Chukar. Enjoy a special day or a weekend retreat with family or friends. Keep your best friend in tune or train a new recruit! We offer a great day afield.

The Listening Inn Wing Shooting Preserve can also provide an All-Inclusive hunt package for you to enjoy with lodging, birds, game cleaning and meals!

Experience a Michigan Pheasant Hunting Preserve at its best.

Preserve Rates  2018

  • $100.00 Memberships,  Scratch birds No Charge for members
  • Members – (Pheasants). Cocks $18.00 | Hen’s $16.00 | Mixed $19.00
  • Non-Members – Cocks $20.00 | Hen’s $18.00
  • Members – (Chukars)   $12.00 – 20 or more $10.00
  • Non Members – $14.00 – 20 or more $12.00
  • Quail  $8.00
Native Birds, Ruffed Grouse, Woodcock (In Season):   $6.00 Donation requested, for Habitat Improvement.
Limit 2 per day

Lunch available in the lodge upon request.

Kennels available:  Daily Fee $20.00
* All current vaccines and Bortella vaccines required!
Game Cleaning:   $2.00 per bird
Dressed Birds available,  by order only! – Also for the Holiday season Smoked Pheasants for Holiday Gifts.

Hunting / Lodging Packages

  • 2 Night Lodging Packages, room and meals, 12 Chukars and 12 Pheasants, game cleaning and freezing, dog, guide and trap. – $725.00 per person.
  • Budget price – 2 Nights Lodging, meals, 8 Pheasants, 8 Chukars, game cleaning and freezing, dog and guide. –  $550.00 per person.

Blaze Orange Hunting gear required!      

*Dog Training Birds available June 10 2018.
Pups For Sale – Llewellin Setter Registered  Roma – Bondu Bloodline.
Private Dog Training charged per hour, Min. 2hrs $ 40.00 + Birds

 Call 906-822-7738 to reserve your space. Space is Limited!                                                                                                                        

Preserve Hours

Morning Hunts:   8AM – 12PM
Afternoon Hunts:   1PM – 5PM

Reservations requested!